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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Youth backlash on the "old horse tale"

The same "lazy youth" who are currently speaking up on social media and other channels, contesting the derogatory statements made by the "good old horse", are faced with the great decision of their life today-
Will you support a youth to come aboard in 2019? Are you still going to keep rallying around these old whips who have recycled themselves for more than three decades in Nigerian polity with nothing but abuse of power towards selfish aggrandizement to show for it? Will you stand up for a mentally resourceful youth who is vibrantly looking for your support to take the mantle of leadership of our government?
I say we change the game from here come 2019! Let the youth manage and care for our ailing fathers, let us show them we are capable of taking care of our own.
“We are not lazy” we have just chosen to be docile but have been taken for fools, “lazy” Nigerian youths are the words on the lips of our offenders because we refused to complain when given hard inhuman conditions to live in, it amounted to the saying that we do not have a mind of our own, lazy and un-resourceful by a leader we all respected and allowed to take a turn at heading our affairs while the youth remained body guards, thugs/ assassins and all what not to these people. We (the youth) are the future so we should be body-guarded, protected and powered for future relevance; we the youths should protect lives and not take it, give peace and succor to our aged parents, restore hope to the younger generation, teach them to walk in the path of life not death and safeguard our heritage, our pride lies in making the fiber of our unity strong and unamenable for any “old horse” seeking re-election in Nigeria come 2019.

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